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The 2023 training on 3D Modeling, Design and Printing is going BEYOND!

This course has been tailored to give you an understanding of how 3D Printing technology is transforming numerous industries and improving access to essential goods and services across the different verticals ranging from agriculture to energy, environment to manufacturing, homes and warehouses to transportation among others. The curriculum will cover the theoretical aspects and the hands-on lab activities that exposes you to dynamics of 3D Modeling, Design and Printing.

Course Overview:

  • Introduction to 3D Printing and Rapid Prototyping
    1. Different types of 3D printers
    2. Parts and functioning of 3D printers
    3. Materials used in 3D printing
  • Preparing, Slicing and Printing models
  • Demonstration of 3D printer assembly
  • Printer maintenance and next steps – Testing and calibration of 3D printer
  • Use of 3D software and tools
  • Commercial application of 3D printing



Payment details:

M-Pesa Paybill code :

Business No: 400222

Account No: 1059#1048

Bank Accounts ( * Must indicate you’re paying for 3D Modeling, design & Printing Course )  :

Option 1:

Standard Chartered Bank
Name: Strathmore University
Account Number: 0102044844000 (KES)
Branch: Karen

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Name: Strathmore University
Bank: CO-OP Bank
Account Number: 011291604946 (KES)

Quick Info


Classes will be delivered on-premise at @iLabAfrica Research Centre, Strathmore University while adhering to the social distancing rules laid out by the government.


Physical classes: 5.30 pm to 8.30 pm

Program Duration:

27th March – 7th April 2023

Program Cost:

This course will run at a cost of KES. 25,000

To watch a video tour about 3D printing: Click Here