Barclays ReadyToWork Program


The youth in Kenya are experiencing a higher unemployment rate at 17.3% as compared to other countries in the region. This is attributed to a saturated job market, which leaves a large number of youths, even university graduates, without gainful employment. The Barclays ReadyToWork program seeks to answer the challenge of youth unemployment in developing economies. The program was designed to equip the youth with skills which will allow them to thrive both in employment and as entrepreneurs. The aim of this program is to equip the youth with skills to allow them to enter into gainful employment, either as entrepreneurs or employees. It targets the youth aged between 18 and 35, although we can still accept people outside of that age bracket.

The program is comprised of four modules; work skills, money skills, people skills and entrepreneurship skills. The course is available online through the Barclays portal. It will take you 5 days to go through the 4 modules of the program. On completion, beneficiaries will be able to perform better in the job market, either as employees or as entrepreneurs. We shall award a certificate to the students who successfully complete the course. A few lucky students will get opportunities to receive job placements as interns. I encourage you to register immediately to take the course by following the steps below;

  • Register by following the link
  • Proceed to the Barclays portal

@iLabAfrica will run this course for a one-year period until November 2017, allowing you to enroll and complete the course at any time. During this period, beneficiaries of this program will benefit from mentorship activities organised with Barclays staff. Let’s all get ReadytoWork!!

PS: In case you have trouble submitting the form, kindly take note of the following: If a user selects Self-learning, type ‘None’ in the last field: “If trained by a ReadytoWork partner, who is your facilitator?”, otherwise type in Strathmore University.