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Coexistence studies in the 6GHZ Band (5925 – 7125 MHZ) between Incumbents (Fixed services and Fixed satellite services) and Wireless Access Systems/Radio Local Area Networks (WAS/RLANS) 2022

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Introduction Interference analysis is the study of how one or more radio systems can degrade the operation of other users of the radio system. It includes techniques to predict the level of interference and whether that could be tolerated or would represent a serious degradation, otherwise known as harmful interference. One of the key questions […]

Stakeholder Engagement Report – ISPs and Public Institutions 2022

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 Introduction This report entails feedback obtained from engagement with stakeholder – both the Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and the Public Institutions. The public institutions in this case refers to government institutions, the regulator (Communications Authority of Kenya – CA), ICT policy advocacy groups such as KICTANet and the general public constituting of researchers and students. Both […]

Gap Analysis Study on Spectrum Sharing – Kenya 2022

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  Figure 7: A High-level landscape of Spectrum Sharing connectivity opportunities Introduction In the wake of the COVID—19 pandemic, the Government of Kenya through the Communications Authority (CA) enacted two regulatory frameworks to chart the way forward in boosting Internet access for rural Kenya. The first framework was the Authorisation of the Use of Television […]

Report on spectrum sharing validation study in the UHF-470-694 MHz band

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    Introduction   This project aimed at carrying out a validation exercise and stakeholder consultation on the draft framework for Television White Spaces (TVWS) developed by the Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) and Strathmore University (SU). The CA will ratify the draft framework in the coming days to adopt it as the official framework […]

ITU Connect2Recover: Rebuilding Digital Inclusion for the Rural Counties of Kenya

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ITU Connect2Recover: Rebuilding Digital Inclusion for the Rural Counties of Kenya Project Report 1: Assessment of the State of Connectivity in Kakamega and Turkana County April 2022 There is no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic has severely affected the state of the global economy. Ranging from loss of lives to social and economic disruption, the […]

Engagement with the Public Institutions – Report

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Stakeholder Engagement II Report: Engagement with the Public Institutions, Policy and Spectrum Lobby groups in Kenya Work Supported By The Dynamic Spectrum Alliance (DSA) This was the second workshop on engaging relevant stakeholders on the state and potential of spectrum sharing in Kenya. While the preceding workshop held on 21st January 2022 was with Wireless […]

@IlabAfrica develops online centralized business portal for Manufacturers

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Friday, 3rd November 2017, Nairobi. @iLabAfrica research and innovation Centre, Strathmore University has developed an online central business portal for the Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM). The online centralized business portal will provide industry stakeholders and potential investors with information on Kenya’s economic and legal environment as well as industrial and trade statistics relevant to the manufacturing sector […]

CopyCat and @iLab Africa partner to drive innovations on IoT

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Copy Cat Group has signed a memorandum of understanding with Strathmore University@ILabAfrica Research Centre to collaborate in driving innovations across the Internet of Things.The MOU was signed by Dr. Joseph Sevilla, the dir­ector of @iLabAfrica and Mr. Vishal Patel, Executive Director at The Copy Cat Limited. The collaboration is meant to enable key collaboration in […]

EMC and @iLabAfrica Partnership

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On Monday May, 18th, an MoU was signed between @iLabAfrica Dir­ector, Dr. Joseph Sevilla and Mr Said Rechchad, EMC’s Gen­eral Man­ager, South and East Africa . This allows @iLabAfrica to offer the fol­low­ing free of charge access to EMC course and related mater­i­als to the fac­ulty and staff of Strath­more University:- i.Information Stor­age Management; ii.Cloud Infra­struc­ture […]

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