eLearning  Projects

1. Barclays ReadytoWork Program

@iLabAfrica partnered with Barclays Bank of Kenya to offer the ReadyToWork program which is aimed at equipping the youth with employability skills. The partnership was established in July of 2016. The Digital Learning team of @iLabAfrica will facilitate both online and in-class training of the program, with the aim of reaching all Strathmore University undergraduate students. Enrolled students are expected to complete the curriculum in a period of one week, and during that period students will get the opportunity to gain knowledge on the four pillars of the programme. Students can access the program here.

2.Goocus Mobile Learning Pilot Project

In April 2015 @iLabAfrica and Japan’s Castalia Inc. Ltd signed a Memorandum of Understanding to launch a feasibility study of “goo­cus pro” and “goo­cus”, mobile learning platforms developed by Castalia. The role of Strathmore was to provide learner content. With this feasibility study as a start, @iLabAfrica and Castalia intend to eventually scale the implementation of mobile learning to Strathmore’s undergraduate programs as well.

3. CPA Online Distance Learning

In 2015 @iLabAfrica and SOA collaborated to prepare Certified Public Accountant (CPA) online learning material to be deployed for online distance learning. SOA supplied lecturers, content, subject matter expertise, marketing and student support. @iLabAfrica provided the technical expertise such as training lecturers on what is required for lecture capture, video recording, editing, animation and packaging using eLearning authoring tools, and, securing content to ensure that content is confidential and not downloadable.

4. Sustainable and Affordable Access to Education for Refugees

This is a partnership between UNHCR, @iLabAfrica and Windle Trust Kenya where Strathmore University, through the School of Accountancy will offer CPA courses entirely online to refugees in Kakuma Refugee Camp and later on in Dadaab. The MoU was signed in 2015 and the project is set to kick off in June 2016.

5. Capacity building on web conferencing tools

In 2015 @iLabAfrica trained several Strathmore University lecturers on web conferencing tools to equip them with skills necessary for online delivery of lectures. The training addressed session scheduling, hosting and managing an ongoing session among other topics. These lecturers can now comfortably use these tools.