EMC and @iLabAfrica Partnership

EMC and @iLabAfrica Partnership

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On Monday May, 18th, an MoU was signed between @iLabAfrica Dir­ector, Dr. Joseph Sevilla and Mr Said Rechchad, EMC’s Gen­eral Man­ager, South and East Africa .

This allows @iLabAfrica to offer the fol­low­ing free of charge access to EMC course and related mater­i­als to the fac­ulty and staff of Strath­more University:-

i.Information Stor­age Management;

ii.Cloud Infra­struc­ture and Services;

iii.Data Sci­ence and Big Data Ana­lyt­ics; and

iv.Backup Recov­ery Sys­tems and Architecture.

EMC will con­trib­ute to the estab­lish­ment of the Uni­ver­sity cloud labor­at­ory and sup­port the regis­tra­tion to VMware Aca­demic Pro­gram which includes:-

  1. Aca­demic Licensing: 

A key ele­ment of the VMware Aca­demic Pro­gram (VMAP) is a com­pre­hens­ive soft­ware licens­ing pro­gram designed spe­cific­ally for the global higher edu­ca­tion community.

  1. VMware IT Academy:

VMware designed the IT Academy Pro­gram to intro­duce stu­dents to VMware tech­no­lo­gies and equip them with VMware tech­nical skills to com­ple­ment their chosen fields of study. VMware provides selec­ted aca­demic insti­tu­tions with course mater­i­als developed by VMware.