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Passion: My passion is Technology and its use in solving societal problems, teaching and seeing young people improve their skills.

Motivation: To see others happy, see them progress and develop. Grow ideas into working solutions.

Professional Goals:  To be a cyber-security expert, professor and coach. On completing my Master in IT Security, I plan to do a doctorate in the same line.

Hobbies: Music, cycling, swimming, jogging, reading novels and watching movies. 

Eunice Maingi 

A project coordinator in the IT Security Department and lead of the Blockchain research team @iLabAfrica-Strathmore University. Ms. Maingi a BBIT graduate and is currently pursuing her Masters in IT Security at Strathmore University. 

She works with a team of four in spearheading research and training on innovation and technology. In the last year, Ms. Maingi and her team have run four intakes on blockchain and two evening sessions for students and professionals. Some of the training sessions have been done in collaboration with industry partners. She oversees sourcing funds to support various research activities. Last year, her department received a grant from Kenya Education Network Trust (KENET) an organization that encourages technology research in and for educational institutions. Through this mini grant, they developed a blockchain system for the maintenance and distribution of digital certificates in an immutable way. Eunice also works on project identification and collaborations within the department. 

She also mentors about 20 students at the University, with most pursuing IT. 

Ms. Maingi has worked as a Senior Auditor in a local bank, worked as a Business Analyst with Deloitte and Touché, Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) – June 2009, Member of ISACA: 2009 -2013, Member of the Kenya Institute of Internal Auditors (IAA): 2011 – 2013. 

List of own publications of the past 7 years

E Maingi, G Kihumba, J Sevilla M-Learning-  A Proposed Pedagogical Model for Institutions of Higher Learning in Africa, 0417 The European Conference on Technology in the Classroom 2013. Official Conference Proceedings 2013.