Internet of Things (IoT) Research

The Internet of Things (IoT) Research Group of @iLabAfrica is made up of a team that deals with research and development of automated smart solutions applicable to various sectors of the local and regional economy. The group focuses on development, training and consultancy of IoT solutions. Through this group, our goal is to enable private and public sector organisations to manage assets, optimise performance and develop new business models through IoT technology.

Our development cuts across the entire IoT scope ranging from embedded systems development, machine to machine (M2M) architecture, communication protocols and low-power networks, cloud storage of big data and processing as well predictive analytics of these data through machine learning capabilities.

Currently, the research group is involved in the development of two Proof of Concepts which include:

  1. Development of a generic IoT portal with a bias to the energy vertical – extracting energy data in the home and industry to present visualization on power consumption, equipment failure, post-paid meters data transmission to a centralised system as well capability of turning equipment on and off from a mobile interface.
  2. Development of a fleet management system that transmits data in real-time from a set of industrial vehicles to a central system providing monitoring of these vehicles in real-time in terms of fuel consumption, driver behavior among other parameters.

Overall Objectives of the Research Group

  1. To steer economic development towards fulfillment of Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) through ensuring provision of sustainable smart solutions.
  2. To provide knowledge on Internet of Things (IoT) and related technologies in Kenya and the region through provision of practical courses in the field of M2M and IoT.
  3. To promote growth of entrepreneurs, companies and industries by developing secure, reliable and robust IoT solutions meant to efficiently boost operations and performance
  4. within these environments. Facilitate research, training, development and innovation in IoT through provision of space and equipment in the lab to students and researchers in order translate ideas into concrete dependable solutions.