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Digital Secur­ity Academy: Applic­a­tions Open

Strathmore-​Softlock Digital Secur­ity Courses

@iLabAfrica Africa has partnered with Soft­lock, the lead­ing Digital Secur­ity com­pany to offer courses in Digital Secur­ity. The Courses will be offered in Strath­more Uni­ver­sity at the new Digital Secur­ity Academy in @iLabAfrica.

The courses provide hands-​on IT secur­ity skills to vari­ous stake­hold­ers in the IT industry.

Mode of Delivery

· Full-​time

· In-​House (Offered to cor­por­ates on request)

Who should attend?

The Strathmore-​Softlock Digital Secur­ity Courses are inten­ded for busi­ness exec­ut­ives, IT secur­ity pro­fes­sion­als, IT tech­ni­cians and Soft­ware developers.

Why take the Courses at Strathmore?

iLabA­frica is a cen­ter of Excel­lence in IT secur­ity in Strath­more Uni­ver­sity. Our Digital Secur­ity Course are offered in col­lab­or­a­tion with Soft­lock, a world leader in digital secur­ity. We have courses cus­tom­ized for vari­ous stake-​holders in the IT industry.

Start Date

1st April 2014

The Soft­lock Digital Secur­ity Courses include:

  • IT Secur­ity Exec­ut­ive Track  (Regis­tra­tion Closed for Now!)
  • IT Secur­ity Busi­ness Track  (Regis­tra­tion Closed for Now!)
  • IT Secur­ity Pro­fes­sional Track  (Regis­tra­tion Closed for Now!)
  • IT Secur­ity Solu­tions Developer Track  (Regis­tra­tion Closed for Now!)
  • IT Secur­ity Tech­nical Spe­cial­ist Track  Regis­tra­tion Open!

Ongo­ing Applications

Applic­a­tions Open:

  1. Cer­ti­fied Eth­ical Hacker Octo­ber Intake.
  2. Digital Advert­ising Octo­ber Intake

Upcom­ing Events

Fri Oct 24 @08:00 — 05:00PM
Africa­hackon Infosec Bootcamp

Know­ledge Service

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