Lecturers Profile: Masters in Information System Security(Msc.ISS)

Prof. Ismail Ateya


Associate Professor Ismail Ateya earned his Doctor of Science degree in Applied Geophysics from Kyoto University, Japan in 2003 and Graduate Diploma in Computer Science from University of Auckland, New Zealand in 2006. He holds a Bachelor of Science Honors degree in Surveying and Photogrammetry from University of Nairobi (1993) and Master of Science in Applied Geophysics from Kyoto University, Japan (2000)

His research interests are on Software and Database Modelling of large Information Systems – and he has been an active member of the Database Research Group. Over the years, he has taught courses such Software Modelling, Software Design and Construction, Database and Advanced Database Systems among other courses at both Undergraduate and Graduate levels over the years. Prof. Ateya has consulted and worked on IT Industry Projects on various occasions.

Prof. Ateya has so far supervised three Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Theses – two from Strathmore University: PhD in Information Technology (2014) and PhD in Computer Science (2015) plus a thesis from Kabarak University – a PhD in Information Systems (2014). At Masters Level, Prof. Ateya has supervised over hundred (100+) Theses and Dissertations – from three programs: Master of Science in Information TechnologyMaster of Science in Computer Based Information Systems and Master of Science in Mobile Telecommunication and Innovation of Strathmore University. He has also supervised a few dissertations that majored in Information Systems from Master of Business Administration (MBA) program from the Strathmore Business School. Prof. Ateya has been the Academic and Research Director in Faculty of Information Technology from February 2009 to March 2015. During this time, he successfully designed with his team as Chairman the Bachelor of Science in Informatics and Bachelor Science in Telecommunications that were launched in 2010 and the Chair of Workshop on Master of Science of Mobile Telecommunications and Innovation launched in 2010 too.

Prof. Da Silva

SilvaProf.  Izael Pereira Da Silva has a PhD in Power Systems Engineering from the University of Sao Paulo (Brazil). He is also a Certified Energy Manager (CEM). At present he is an Assoc. Professor at Strathmore University and the Deputy Vice Chancellor – Academic affairs. He is the Director of the Strathmore Energy Research Centre, SERC. The centre does training, research, testing and consultancy in energy related topics. His topics of interest are: Rural Electrification, Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency, Energy Policy, Sustainable Environment and Demand Side Management.

In March 2012 Prof Da Silva together with other partners won a project sponsored by DFID and DANIDA and managed by the World Bank to set up the first Climate Innovation Centre (CIC) in the world. It is housed in Strathmore and serves SMEs financially and technically to solve challenges posed by the adverse impact of climate change either by mitigation or adaptation. Prof Da Silva has written quite extensively in the field of energy.

In 2013, he was honored by the Brazilian Government with the title of “Comendador da Ordem do Rio Branco” for his services towards education and poverty alleviation in Africa. In October 2014, after more than one year of efforts together with seven other colleagues he managed to get the Association of Energy Engineers – AEE to approve the Association of Energy Professionals (Eastern Africa) as a chapter of AEE for the five countries of East Africa plus Ethiopia and South-Sudan. Prof Da Silva is the first elected President and founding member of the AEP (EA).

Dr. Luis Franceschi

luisDr Luis G Franceschi holds an LLB (UCAB), LLM (Nairobi) and LLD (Navarre) with a Cum Laude thesis on The African Human Rights Judicial System: A Proposal for Streamlining Structures and Domestication Mechanisms Viewed from the Foreign Affairs Power Perspective. He has been a Constitutional, International and Civil Law lecturer. He is chairman of the Board of the Ethics Institute of East Africa and chairman of the Scientific Committee of the Annual Ethics Conferences since 2004.He is also chairman of A.L.L. Foundation and an adjunct faculty member at Strathmore Business School. He has published more than a dozen peer reviewed articles and books on topics relating to law and ethics.

He has been a Governing Council Delegate (Governing Council – UNEP and UNCHS) and the Legal Advisor to the President of the Governing Council of the United Nations Environment Programme, where he co-drafted the UN Nairobi Declaration. He was also a Country Representative at the 7th and the 4th Global Training Program on Environmental Law & Policy (United Nations Environment Program – 2005 and 1999 respectively). He is a certified ISO auditor.

Dr Franceschi is also a Member of the team of experts Peer Reviewers of the Council of Legal Education (Kenya) and a Consultant for the Ministry of Justice, National Cohesion and Constitutional Affairs, the Constitution Implementation Commission, the National Cohesion Commission and the National Economic and Social Council (Office of the President), where he was a founding member of the National Values Committee.

Dr. Stephen K. Ichatha

stephenDr. Stephen is an experienced technology leader with over 20 years work experience in IT, Network Operations, Program Management, Strategic Planning, and Leadership and Development. He has been responsible for identifying process and system based opportunities that streamline Operations through Process Improvement, Standard Operating Environment, and Automation.

He is academically trained in Telecommunications Management, Internet Technology, and Business. He has engaged in scholarship research experience in the domains of employee empowerment, psychological contracts and crowd sourcing and has studied their relationship to work related outcomes such as job satisfaction, job attractiveness, employee commitment and job stress.  He is currently working at Verizon (Atlanta, USA based) as an IT Operations manager and holds a Doctorate in Business from Georgia State University and a MSc. Internet Technology with 8 years teaching experience.

Dr. Jing Liu

jing liuDr. Liu is a computer scientist at Cipher Cloud Inc. where his core task is to design and develop crypto and tokenization APIs for various cloud servers. He has over 6 years research and hands-on experience in network security and privacy, over 2 years research and hands-on experience in cryptography, over 2 years hands-on experience in cloud computing and distributed search, is proficient with Java, C/C++, and Crypto analysis and possess superior network system analysing and trouble shooting skills. He holds an MSc in Computer Software & Theory and a PhD in Computer Science both from Hunan University – Changsha, China and has been teaching 2012.

Dr. Xiehua Li

xiehuaDr. Xiehua Li has been a lecturer since 2007 and is currently an assistant professor at Hunan University (Hunan, China) in the College of Information Science and Engineering. She has a PhD in Communication and Information System Department of Electronic Engineering, Shanghai Jiaotong University and holds an MSc in Computer Application Technology from the School of Information Science and Engineering, Central South University.

She is a reviewer for International Journal of Advancement Computing Technology and International Conference of Asiaccs-scc13. The following are academic activities that Dr. Li participates in: Program Committee Member of Asiaccs-scc13, member of the Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers, senior member of China Computer and editor of International Journal of Advancement Computing Technology.

Dr. Humphrey Njogu

humbhreyHumphrey Njogu received his PhD and MSc in Computer Science from Hunan University, China. He received his BSc degree in IT from Moi University, Kenya. He holds several IT professional certifications in Cisco, Oracle, Comptia, Linux, Microsoft, CISSP among other IT certification vendors. His research interests include most aspects of IT security, with an emphasis on network security; intrusion detection and prevention; vulnerability management; cloud computing security; social media security. Other areas include green computing and data mining. He has a vast experience in implementing several IT security projects.
He has authored many IT security research articles in the leading ISI/SCI indexed international journals and conferences. Some of the top journals include: Future Generation Computer Systems – Journal – Elsevier; Security and Communication Networks – Wiley; International Journal of Network Management – Wiley; International Journal of Security and Its Applications (IJSIA). He authored several conference papers in the world premier conferences. He is currently writing a book on IT Security.

Dr. Isaac M. Rutenberg

rutenbergDr. Rutenberg received a dual BSc degree in Chemistry and Mathematics/Computer Science from the Colorado School of Mines, as well as a PhD in Chemistry from the California Institute of Technology. His graduate research advisor was Robert H. Grubbs, and his graduate research focused on new methods for producing high-performance polymer materials. Dr. Rutenberg finished the degree in 2004, and in 2005 Prof. Grubbs was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry. Dr. Rutenberg also obtained a JD from Santa Clara University School of Law in May 2011. He is registered to practice law in California, and is also registered to practice before the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Dr. Rutenberg has authored articles for a variety of publications and spoken at numerous conferences in Kenya, primarily focusing on practical aspects of intellectual property (IP). He continuously advocates for Kenyan organizations and individuals to expand their use of worldwide IP systems.

In addition to his affiliation with Strathmore Law School, Dr. Rutenberg is currently a practicing patent attorney with Science & Technology Law. His practice includes patent prosecution, due diligence, and preparation of legal opinions (patentability, validity, and freedom to operate) for subject matter that included chemistry, materials science, polymers, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, drug delivery, medical devices, and electronic devices. His practice includes all aspects of patent prosecution, including US and foreign prosecution.

Dr. Joseph Sevilla

sevillaDr. Sevilla is currently Director of @iLabAfrica, a Research and Innovation Centre at Strathmore University (Nairobi, Kenya). He is also the Director of @iBizAfrica, a business incubator at Strathmore. He graduated as an Industrial Engineer (Universidad del País Vasco, Spain, 1980) and holds an MSc in Computer Science (University College London, UK, 1995) and a PhD in BioInformatics (Tecnun, Universidad de Navarra, Spain, 2005). Dr. Sevilla is a Member of the British Computer Society and has actively participated in the “East African Internet Association” (EAIA) and the “Computer Society of Kenya” (CSK).

He has participated as a member in a number of committees established by the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Research, Technical Training and Technology, and the Ministry of Information and Communications; he has advised the Kenyan Government and the ICT Board on the drafting of national policies in ICT education, the national syllabus for Computer Studies in schools and the adoption of a national ICT strategy.

He has acted as Chairman of the Document Description and Processing Languages Technical committee of the Kenya Bureau of Standards (KBS). He has been advisor to the Kenyan Directorate of Industrial Training in issues related to computer training. Together with representatives from other local universities, he participated in the creation of the Kenya National Educational Network (KENET). He is active in a wide variety of fields such as Distance Learning, eLearning, /mLearning Mobile Computing, FOSS, ICT4D, Managerial Decision Modelling, Cybersecurity, ICT in Education, Bioinformatics and eHealth.

Dr. Petr Matoušek

matousekDr. Matoušek is currently an assistant professor, Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic with his main contact in Cisco Network Academy. He has been teaching since 2003 and holds a PhD in Information Technology with a specialization in Symbolic Data Structures. He has carried out a number of research projects that include Security-Oriented Research in Information Technology (2007-2013), Dependable Systems International Research and Educational Experience, EC EU (2008-2013), Modern Tools for Detection and Mitigation of Cyber Criminality on the New Generation Internet (2010-2015) and Research and application of advanced methods in ICT (2014-2016).

Dr. Ondřej Ryšavý

rysavvyDr. Ryšavý is an assistant professor at Brno University of Technology (Czech Republic) with 10 years teaching experience. He has a PhD in Information Technology. His research projects include Programmability in Rina for European Supremacy of virtualized Networks, Modern Tools for Detection and Mitigation of Cyber Criminality on the New Generation Internet, SCADA system for control and monitoring RT processes and Dependable Systems International Research and Educational Experience.

Dr. Rasit O. Topaloglu

rasitDr. Rasit O. Topaloglu received his Ph.D. in Computer Engineering from the University of California, San Diego. His dissertation was “Characterization, Modeling and Optimization of Fills and Stress in Semiconductor Integrated Circuits”. He also received both a C.Phil. in Computer Engineering and a MSc in Computer Science from the University of California, San Diego. He received his BSc with High Honors in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Bogazici University in Turkey. He currently works at IBM as an Advisory Research and Development Engineer/Technical Lead.

Dr. Marek Rychlý

marekDr. Rychlý holds a Rerum Naturalium Doctor in Software Systems from Charles University, Czech Republic, a Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering from Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic and an MSc in Informatics Masaryk University, Czech Republic. He has been teaching since 2005 at University level in Czech Republic and is currently working as an Assistant Professor in Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic .

From the year 2013 to 2015, Dr. Rychlý has been working on a major project that runs on the Java Platform for High-performance and Real-time Large Scale Data Management (JUNIPER), an international research project (9 academia & industrial partners from 5 EU countries).

He is a researcher for software design and modelling, participating in the BUT team in Task 3.5 “Real-time scheduling advisor” (the advisor based on statistical analysis of worst case execution time on the project’s MPI/Hadoop platform). He is also a team member of several international teams participating mainly in tasks related to modelling and development of a tool for model-driven engineering of real-time Big Data systems, Eclipse EMF, and validation of time constraints for the processing of Big Data streams.

Dr. Komminist Weldemariam

komminsitDr. Komminist Weldemariam is a Research Scientist and Manager at IBM Research – Africa.  Prior to IBM, he was  an Adjunct Assistant Professor at School of Computing, Queen’s University (Canada) where he has focused on designing tools and techniques for automated analysis, characterization, and detection of malicious activities on the Web. He was a Research Scientist at Fondazione Bruno Kessler (FBK), in Trento – Italy.

He was a contractual Professor at the University of Trento (Italy) and a visiting researcher in the Security Lab at the University of California, Santa Barbara CA (USA). Kommy has co-authored more than 55 scientific articles. He received a BSc from Addis Ababa University (Ethiopia), an MSc from Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (India) and a PhD from the University of Trento (Italy), all in Computer Science. Recently, Kommy was named one of Africa’s Most Influential Young Scientist, fellow of the Next Einstein Forum and also honored as an Emerging Young Scientist at the World Economic Forum, 2015/2016.

Dr. Matunda Nyanchama

Dr. Nyanchama is a qualified and experienced ICT strategist, risk manager and market researcher in consulting and corporate affairs, corporate training in ICT financing and governance and well conversant in academia having studied and Masters and a PhD in Computer Science – Information Security specialization both at the University of Western Ontario, Canada. In addition to this, he has done various courses in IBM, including people, contract and delivery management, leadership and management courses in IBM, Bank of Montreal and Ernst & Young Project Management Training, attended courses in ITIL, ISO17799 (BS7799‐2) Information Security Management System Implementation, BSI and is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP).

His portfolio also includes various university and college courses designed and taught such as Certificate in Information Security Management for Department of Continuing Education, University of Toronto, Canada, 2012‐2013, attack & Defense for the Masters of Information Technology Security (MITS) program at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology ‐ 2006 ‐ 2007, Incident Handling, Policies and Risk Management for the Masters of Information Technology Security (MITS) at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology. 2006‐2008, Operating System Security for the Masters of Information Technology Security (MITS) program at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology – 2007 and Ethical Hacking – a 4th year course designed for Bachelor of Information Security Program @ Sheridan Institute 2008.

Dr. Vitalis Gavole Ozianyi

ozianyiDr. Gavole received his Bachelor of Technology degree in Electrical and Communications Engineering from Moi University, Kenya in 2002. He received MSc and PhD degrees from the University of Cape Town, South Africa in 2006 and 2010 respectively. Dr. Ozianyi has been a Telecommunications Lecturer at Strathmore University from July 2012 – Present. He lectures in the field of Advanced Network Technologies and Telecommunication Systems to Master’s students in the Faculty of Information Technology. He also teaches Computer Networks and Telecommunication Systems to Bachelor degree students.