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Strathmore University through @iLab Research Centre and Blue Sky Innovation is offering the Essentials of Innovations for Senior Managers course.

 This program helps leaders seize opportunity, manage risk, and drive competitive advantage. In addition to learning how to balance strategy and effective execution in product development, you will expand your ability to innovate in a competitive marketplace, take advantage of disruptive technologies and economic conditions, and position your company for continuous growth. Innovation doesn’t happen spontaneously, it is a journey as well as a race. Just like in any other journey you must prepare, have a map or understand where to begin and the destination.

Essentials of Innovation for Senior Managers is a journey as well as a race. For employees to innovate you must get them into the right mindset, the right environment and give them resources to do that. The journey starts by getting them understand their capabilities. Getting them to have an innovation mindset, imagine things, dream of things and bringing them to life.

 The course is offered in a module form;

 Module 1: Creative Culture  

Module 2: Innovative Product & Service Design

Module 3: Disruptive Innovation

Module 4: Innovation Strategy

As a participant in the program, you will learn how to drive and harness Innovation for organizational growth, competitive advantage, and sustained success.

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