Short Courses

@iLabAfrica has specialized in offering on demand short courses to enable you to acquire skills that are sort for in the ever changing industry. Below is a list of courses we have specialized in.

1.@iLabAfrica Kids and Teens ICT Boot Camp

Children and Teens are fully of energy and endless curiosity. What better way to tap into this curiosity and energy than enrolling them for the holiday boot camp this April. @iLabAfrica Holiday Boot Camp is designed to motivate and inspire the students to bring their creative ideas to life. Students create their own games, animated stories, projects, and publish their applications to the web. Access more information here.

2.Full-Stack Software Developer Certificate

Demand for mobile applications has shot across the counter and is oddly profitable. Many organizations strive for an application for their brand. No better to make yourself more viable for employment than by taking this short course to become a full stack software developer . The course focuses on helping the students to become software developers and release high-quality web and mobile applications to the marketplace. This is a three months program intended for individuals interested in learning how to design, develop, test and maintain fully-fledged web and mobile applications  using a range of development tools, platforms and programming languages such as Java, Python, JavaScript, HTML, among others. Access more details about the certification here.