Short Courses

@iLabAfrica has specialized in offering on demand short courses to enable you to acquire skills that are sort for in the ever changing industry. Below is a list of courses we have specialized in.

1.Excel as a Business Intelligence Tool: Data Visualization

The current middle-level manager desires to bring out facts from data, show emerging trends and provide on-demand access to business insight for quick decision making.

Excel as a business intelligence tool: Data Visualization in excel training is a 3 day training workshop that will give one the necessary skills to get more done for less time ,more efficiently with increased productivity.

The training aims at providing business personnel with skills to transform data into decisions using a cost effective tool. The training course is open to all personnel in business related fields who want to leverage on the power of Excel as a Business Intelligence tool. The program is offered in partnership with in Sunesis Consulting. Access more details about the course here.

2.@iLabAfrica Kids and Teens ICT Boot Camp

Children and Teens are fully of energy and endless curiosity. What better way to tap into this curiosity and energy than enrolling them for the holiday boot camp this April. @iLabAfrica Holiday Boot Camp is designed to motivate and inspire the students to bring their creative ideas to life. Students create their own games, animated stories, projects, and publish their applications to the web.

3.Certificate in Mobile Application Development 

Demand for mobile applications has shot across the counter and is oddly profitable. Many organisations strive for an application for their brand. No better to make yourself more viable for employment than by taking this short course in certificate in mobile application development. The course focuses on helping the students to become mobile application developers and release high-quality applications to the marketplace. This is a three moths program intended for individuals interested in the design, development, or use of mobile device applications, games, or utilities. It benefits those who wish to distinguish themselves across a wide range of technical disciplines within the rapidly expanding field of mobile application development using the Android, iOS and USSD platforms. Access more details about the certification here.

4.Invitation to Participate in the Digital Radio – IoT Ideation Event

Strathmore University – @iLabAfrica and Motorola Solutions invites students and professionals (in teams of at most 3 people) to present their Internet of Things (IoTbased) ideas under the following critical concepts: 1. Public safety (police, fire, health, security and services) 2. Utilities : Electricity distribution, water and wastewater 3. Energy, including Oil and Gas 4. Emergency Preparedness/Response: Natural disaster warning systems and 5. Wildlife. The teams are expected to submit a write-up of an Internet of Things (IoT) solution that incorporates a prototype description of a sensing system that can remotely transmit data using different connectivity mechanisms such as two-way radio, GSM networks and Bluetooth as well as any other connectivity method. The teams will select the open platforms they feel comfortable using and transmitting the data to. The deadline of submission of these ideas is June 13th. The teams with outstanding ideas will be selected to participate in the Digital Radio – IoT Ideation Event that will be held on June 22nd. In this event, the teams will do an oral presentation of their submitted ideas to a panel of corporates and academicians. A set of successful teams at this stage will be selected again. Tokens for participants and awards to the winning teams will be given after this event. The winning teams will then be marched with Motorola Solutions value-add-resellers to initiate a 90-day period of incubation that will see these teams’ ideas nurtured into businesses as well as trained to work with the relevant technology. After this period, an assessment will be carried out to determine the most outstanding team(s) that will be attending Motorola Solutions’ participation in the first dedicated Mission Critical Communications Industry Event in Africa in Cape Town, South Africa in November 2017. For Queries please contact:

Apply for the competition Here