It is a more advanced course which is a continuation of CDAV with additional units to further your skills and knowledge in data science.

ICDS covers the following:

  • Intermediate data visualization in Python
  • Databases for DS
  • Machine learning and Big Data
  • Module project

Certificate in Data Science Updated-02


  • Learn from world-class educators through theory and practical sessions
  • Be able to derive business insights from your field of knowledge
  • Develop skills in data storytelling for various audiences
  • Improve your data analysis and programming skills
  • Build a foundation for a career in data analytics/data science


If you are interested in joining ICDS without doing CDAV, you must do a technical interview as well.

ICDS Course details:

  • Intakes: March and September
  • Duration: 4 months
  • Cost: Ksh 120,000
  • Mode of delivery: Online classes (Monday to Friday, 5:30 pm – 8:30 pm)

Admission Requirements:

Knowledge of statistics and programming experience is recommended, but not required

SU Alumni and students:

  • Can apply directly to

New Students:

  • The minimum requirement is a C+ in KCSE (or equivalent), or a degree/diploma holder or student
  • Do the entry interview in Maths and English
  • The entry interview is offered at the Admissions office on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8 am
  • Interview fee: Ksh 2,000

50% discount available for SU students enrolled in an undergraduate or postgraduate program in Strathmore University