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WaziHub Background

WaziHUB (in Swahili for Open-Hub) is an EU – Africa innovation project for Africa aiming to create an OpenHUB for IoT and Big Data cutting-edge and African grade solutions, co-designed by African people.

WAZIHUB’s vision is to exploit IoT potential and share IoT technologies best-practices through the involvement of innovation communities and stakeholders such as young entrepreneurs, startups, developers, innovation Hubs from local districts, regional level, national level and African-wide.

Session Details

@iLabAfrica will hold an information session on 6th March 2020 from 6:00pm  at Strathmore University .

The session will explore the basics of IoT and introduce the participants to the WaziUp platform. This will be a great opportunity to discuss design, develop and deploy next generation solutions that will touch millions of users. The session will explore bits of theory with a large part being conducted in groups aimed at enforcing teamwork spirit and giving each one a chance for first hand hands-on practical experience. This will take place in a state-of-the-art computer laboratories at @iLabAfrica, Strathmore University.

The objectives of the session is:

  • To introduce the IoT ecosystem consisting of hardware, software and cloud providers.
  • To enable participants to jumpstart their IoT ideas.
  • To discuss emerging trends in cloud computing aligned with IoT.
  • To introduce interested participants to the WaziHub Accelerator program.

We therefore invite applications from:

  • Students with interest in IoT
  • Startups in IoT space.
  • Developers in the IoT space.
  • Entrepreneurs, Agropreneurs interested in IoT.

Program Venue

The bootcamp will be held at @iLabAfrica Research Centre, Strathmore University.

Program Duration

14th -17th April 2020 from 9:00am to 5:00pm

Commitment Cost

Ksh 2500/=

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For enquiries kindly contact:

iLabAfrica on 0703 034617


  1. Stephen Ngetich; Email Address: sngetich@strathmore.edu; Phone Number:  0711248471
  2. Ayan Keynan: Email Address: ayan.keynan@strathmore.edu; Phone Number:   0799619965

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