WaziHub Programme

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WaziHub Background

WaziHUB (in Swahili for Open-Hub) is an EU – Africa innovation project for Africa aiming to create an OpenHUB for IoT and Big Data cutting-edge and African grade solutions, co-designed by African people.

WAZIHUB’s vision is to exploit IoT potential and share IoT technologies best-practices through the involvement of innovation communities and stakeholders such as young entrepreneurs, startups, developers, innovation Hubs from local districts, regional level, national level and African-wide.

WaziHub Report

This deliverable explains the capacity building activities achieved by WAZIHUB. Numerous workshops were conducted to ensure that the skills of the participants are improved and maintained. The deliverable contains the training methodologies that have been used throughout the program to ensure that the participants become conversant with IoT and its applications within their communities. It also describes the tech community program WAZIHUB is undertaking.

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WaziHub Magazine

The WaziHub project aims to improve the IoT capacity of the Tech Hubs by offering technology and training. We are creating a network of connected IoT Tech Hubs throughout Africa, in which each hub can collaborate with each other. They can share best practices, experience, knowledge and services. The objective of each WaziHub Tech Hub is the local adoption and adaptation of IoT technologies. The Tech Hubs together with local entrepreneurs and stakeholders are spinning off IoT and Big Data products and services in order to address the needs of local users.

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