Data analytics with powered BI Poster-02

Data Analytics is the field that deals with examining data to extract meaningful insights from it. Learn how to take a project from data to insights in 2 weeks using Power BI.

Objective: Learn how to create dashboards and reports aimed at influencing decision-making. Learn how to use Power BI and all its components to export, transform, load, visualize, and data mine.

Course Description:

The training aims at making the process of getting insights from data, fast and cost-effective. This will be achieved by maximum utilization of Microsoft’s Power BI. You will be able to look at getting data from different data sources including, databases, APIs, files, folders, online sources. Etc. The course is mainly technical and hands-on.


Duration – 5 weeks 

Start Date – July 2023

Training fee – Ksh 60,000 (40% off for SU Students)

Mode of Training – Online 



The course is suitable for you if: –

– You want to spend less time creating reports and visualizing data.

– You want to learn how to mine data for insights.

– You want to find a better way to present data.

–  You want to keep up with changing data trends.

– You want to be able to create operational and informational dashboards in a timely manner.

Who will benefit most from the training?

  • Data and IT Practitioners
  • Business Managers
  • Business Intelligence Analysts
  • Researchers
  • Students


The course is designed for learners who want to learn how to analyze data from scratch and learners who want to get better at analyzing data. 


If you are interested or have any questions, feel free to reach us through Maria on