Academic Programs

Masters in Information System Security(Msc. ISS)

Over the past few years, there have been tremendous increase in the number of cyber-attacks in Kenya and all over the world. A recent study by Strathmore University showed that there is a great shortage of IT Security professionals in Kenya. The country has rapidly grown its technological foot print and most companies are finding themselves playing catch-up with matters related to securing their IT assets.

It is against this background that Strathmore University, in Collaboration with key players in IT Security industry, has developed the Master of Science in Information System Security (MSc. ISS) course. The course is offered online and  is a two year program designed specifically to prepare for the challenging task of identifying and producing solutions to threats that endanger information system resources.

The course focuses on both technical and managerial aspects of the subject and students are trained by experts in the IT Security field.  To register and learn more about the course, click here.


Masters in Mobile Telecommunication Innovation and Development

The Master of Science Degree in Mobile Telecommunications and Innovation programme is designed to support innovation and entrepreneurship in the Telecommunication sector as in important pillar of sustainable economic development. Mobile cellular technologies have enabled the poorest regions/countries to extend communication to the rural poor to access cheaper services in support of agricultural services, micro-financial services and mobile money transfers etc.

As the demand for these services and applications increases, the need to develop innovative solutions also increases. This programme focuses on the entrepreneurial spirit of students and the youth to meet this growing demand. To enroll or read more about the course, kindly click here