@iLabAfrica Research and Innovation Centre- Strathmore University is offering an ICT program for primary and secondary school kids. The pro­gram seeks to intro­duce IT to the stu­dents at an early age through fun and inter­act­ive activ­it­ies

The activities to learn include:

  • Coding – kids learn how to develop simple programs, apps & games using visual and/or text-based programming languages
  • Electronics and Robotics – from first principles to advanced robot programming
  • Computer Science Concepts – logical and computational thinking
  • Child Online Protection – kids learn how to interact with the internet safely and securely.

We have ensured that the student involved has reached the set marked prerequisites. They include:

  1. Students should be between 6 years -18 years.
  2. Students should have the ability to use a computer keyboard and mouse.
  3. Every student should own a personal email address. This is where all training manuals, notes and assignments are shared/sent. We recommend Gmail.
  4. Students should have a curious mind, ready to explore and learn!!



Kids-Coding-Bootcamp Edited

The learning stages of the children is determined by the ages of the children

Simba – They are between the age 6 and 9 years. The young minds whom we help come out of the shell and dive into technology in an interesting way. More they are introduced to algorithms, debugging simple programs, and use of devices (robotics) to create, organize, store, manipulate and retrieve digital content.

Ndovu –  They are aged between 10 to 13 years. For them is more of an understanding ground after they are left to unfurl the future of IT. Their level of understanding is broad and as they are debugging the codes they do it with a purpose. For them they learn websites and other internet services. Besides that they are involved with complex use of robots.

Kifaru – Aged between 14 and 18 years. As the major group, they are more efficient with what is happening around programming language. The interaction of more than code languages and how to come up with apps (gaming, or useful ones).


  1. Hands on learning on Robots programing, application development and cyber security.
  2. Ment­or­ship from IT experts in vari­ous blue chip IT firms in the Country
  3. Cer­ti­fic­ate
  4. Fun and games
  5. Lunch and refreshments
  6. Net­work­ing with kids from other schools
  7. Prizes


Course Fee per child (Physical class)Ksh. 10,000 per week/module
Course Fee per child (Online class): Ksh. 5,500 per week/module

Payments Instructions (
 Payment Option 1 – Mpesa:
Paybill: 600950
Account Number: 600840
Send Confirmation message (include Child name) to or Call +254 726518740
Payment Option 2 – Standard Chartered Bank:
Standard Chartered Bank (any branch)
Account Number: 010 204 484 4 000
Indicate Course Name as: Kids Coding Bootcamp (on Bank slip)
Include Child’s name (on Bank slip)

Coding Program

  • Holiday Boot-camps – April, August and December school holidays.
  • Summer boot camp – For kids in British and American education
  • Child Cyber Protection for Parents – March, July and November

Holiday Boot camp:

  1. April Boot camp –  April 2023
  2. August Boot camp –  August 2023
  3. November Bootcamp –  November 2023
  4. December Bootcamp – December 2023

Child Cyber Protection training (For Parents)

  1. March
  2. July
  3. November

Inter-schools innovative Showcase

Upcom­ing Train­ing Days

April Bootcamp Online and In-person classes- Registrations ongoing


Venue: @iLabAfrica Research Centre, Student Centre Building 4th floor, Strathmore University

For any inquiries contact: or Call +254 726518740