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Malware analysis is the process of understanding the behavior and purpose of a suspicious file or URL. The output of the analysis aids in the detection and mitigation  of the potential threat.

The key benefit of malware analysis is that it helps incident responders and security analysts:

  1. Pragmatically triage security incidents by severity level.
  2. Uncover hidden indicators of compromise (IOCs) that should be blocked
  3. Enrich context when threat hunting.

This course is a beginner-intermediate level training that will focus on:

  1. Introduction to reverse engineering, various types of malware and case studies of malware in use today
  2. Understanding the basic flow of malware analysis in both a static and dynamic way.
  3. Gaining skills on how to identify various common malware behaviors and explore the malware analysis process.
  4. The role of malware in Advanced Persistent Threats(APTs).


Malware-Analysis-2023 (1)


  • Familiarity with high & low level programming
  • Operating system concepts.
  • Fundamentals of networking
  • How to use the internet to perform research.

Target audience

  • Incident handlers.
  • Forensic investigators.
  • Malware researchers.
  • Network defenders.
  • Anyone interested in malware analysis.