IT Consulting and outsourcing

This unit focuses on customising and developing solutions for clients by providing advice and end-to-end support for the entire product-development life-cycle in organisations, through managing, implementing, deploying and administering IT systems solutions.

Solutions have been provided in sectors such as Government, Telecommunications, Publishing, Broadcasting, Software and Web Development, Marketing and Sales, Healthcare, Education, Finance and Accounting, Human Resources and Recruitment.

Some of the applications developed are:
• Automation of County Government Operations: Citizen Services Delivery;
Revenue Collections Systems.
• Business Applications.
• eCommerce Websites.
• Mobile and Telephony Applications.
• Supply-Chain Applications.
• Real-Time and Embedded Systems (RTOS).
• Web Portals.
• Payment Gateway Solutions.

Projects include:

County Pro: A robust, ready-to-use automation software used in our e-governance projects for centralised/decentralised local government processes at the sub-county level, encompassing global e-governance standards. County Pro has been deployed in;
• Busia
• Kiambu
• Kilifi
• Kisumu
• Mombasa
• Taita Taveta.

Mobile Applications: Advanced experience in mobile application development using the Android and IOS platforms. Some of our clients include; NGOs, Government and companies in the private sector.

Monitoring and Evaluation ( MNE ) System: Our MNE system is developed to help organisations assess and manage performances to make the right improvements. Key system features include:

• Track KPIs.
• Manage projects.
• Take control of reporting.

• Integrate data.
• Align programs to strategy.
• Create scorecards and dashboards.

Clients include: Masai Mara Wildlife Conservancy Association, Kenya Wildlife Conservancy Association, Laikipia Wildlife forum.

Data Visualisation: A comprehensive analytics platform that leverages Data Visualisation and Business Intelligence. It is designed to help companies make sense of their data and get access to actionable insights that reinforce their decision making process.
We collaborated with the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) to make available data and visualisations of key publications specifically such as: The 2009 Census Report, Economic Survey (2001-2014), GDP Report (2001-2014) and Select County Statistical data from the Statistical Abstract Report. This work was funded by The World Bank.

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Laikipia Wildlife Forum (LWF)

A Performance Monitoring and Evaluation Management (PM&M) Web and Mobile-based Solution.

  • Implemented in Laikipia as a Monitoring and Evaluation tool for the conservation sector management to assist on improving policy/program/project measurements that specifically targets gathering, collating, analysing and disseminating policy/program/project information.
  • Developed for wildlife management objectives and monitoring blueprint strategies.


Vi Agroforestry is a Swedish NGO, improving livelihoods of small-holder farmer families through agroforestry and sustainable agriculture land management.

The aim of the project is to improve the capacity of Vi Agroforestry and partner organisations via mobile devices enhance monitoring and evaluation system for traceability and accuracy of results, improve dissemination of information to farmer groups and improve accessibility of manuals and guidelines by field officers and community facilitators.

  • Development of mobile application for facilitators to access information on sustainable agricultural land management (SALM) practices on smart phones.
  • Developed evaluation web platform for Vi Agroforestry and partners to monitor progress of dissemination of information.
  • M-SALM is being used in Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda and Tanzania.


Wildlife Information & Landscape Data

USAID contracted @iLabAfrica to build a mobile solution that can be used by wildlife conservancies across the different conservancies in East Africa by rangers to capture data on poaching and human wildlife conflict. The product will be launched on September 2016.

The mobile app is running on Android smartphones.

  • Development of mobile app for data collection and data monitoring & evaluation engine.
  • Implementation in Tanzania and Kenya.
  • Pilot running in 7 organizations (Big Life Foundation, Honey Guide Foundation, Tanzania People & Wildlife, PAMS Foundation, Mara Elephant Project, Mara North Conservancy, Naboisho Conservancy).
  • Projected to scale to regional level (e.g. Mara Wildlife Conservancy Assosciation – MMWCA) and national level (Kenya Wildlife Service – KWS).
  • Integration to SMART analytics tool.


-A revamp of the ICPAK Website

– An online registration system managing events, online courses and webinars of ICPAK.

-A Mobile-based application for ICPAK Events Attendance by Delegates.

  • Implementation of a revamped, upgraded and user-access friendly ICPAK website that can be accessed through
  • Development of a portal for ICPAK to manage more than 10,000 members CPD and Event attendance details including courses.

County Pro

A Mobile and Web Based solution for revenue collection by the government in different counties.

Developed in Android for mobile and MVC technologies for web

  • County Pro has been deployed in;
    • Busia
    • Kiambu
    • Kilifi
    • Kisumu
    • Mombasa
    • Taita Taveta.


An ICT policy-based website spanning the whole of Africa.

  • Implementation of African countries central database of the ICT policies, documentations and respective ICT legislations based on individual countries.
  • All accessible through a clickable map.


Development of a Mobile Application used by Pharmacists, Pharmaceutical technologists and users

  • Implementation to the Pharmacy and Poisons Board to enable users obtain information of a pharmacy, pharmacy location and a pharmacist’s details.


An Android Mobile-based solution.

  • Implementation of a mobile application for Kenya Law Reports with key information such as the Constitution of Kenya, a list of court cases and the Kenyan Gazette.