Our Projects

Regulatory Framework for Tv White Spaces  @iLabAfrica and the Communications Authority of Kenya entered into a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to investigate the viability of radio frequency spectrum sharing in Kenya. The collaborative study invites other researchers and stakeholders to participate in shaping the strategy for DSA implementation in Kenya. CA envisions that TV white spaces will enable enhanced internet access in rural Kenya. Read Report

Low-Income Urban Sanitation In partnership with UN-HABITAT and Liquid Telecom, we are working on a low-income urban sanitation project that can enable monitoring of latrine levels while leveraging Sigfox infrastructure to transmit information to the relevant stakeholders for quicker appropriate response.

Disaster Prediction and Management
@iLabAfrica Research Centre, Strathmore University together with Masinde Muliro University, Laikipia University and Kibabii University are currently working on a collaborative research project to investigate how the Internet of Things and Big Data Technologies can be used to predict and respond to natural disasters such as floods and droughts. @iLabAfrica’s Internet of Things Research Team is leading the technical framework of implementation.

We are currently beginning work with farms in Meru and Nyeri for precision farming and livestock monitoring respectively leveraging Sigfox infrastructure.

Environmental monitoring and Climate change.
This project seeks to implement an air quality monitoring platform that leverages LoRaWAN communication architecture. In partnership with EED Advisory, an energy and climate consultancy firm together with the IT University of Copenhagen, we are implementing particulate matter (PM), Ozone, Sulphur oxides and Nitrogen oxides sensing devices to visualise the air quality in Nairobi and co-relate that data with climatic parameters ton provide more insights on climate change through data analytic.

Genset Monitoring System
We have prototyped a GSM/GPRS-based system implementing the MQTT protocol to monitor the generator system powering refrigerators for perishable goods while on transit. The prototype also comes with capability to monitor the location of the trucks and geo-fencing technique to also study the movement and drive behaviour while transporting the products.