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About the Training

Organisations generate millions of records of data every day. In addition, data concerning an organisation’s products and/or services continue to be circulated through various online platforms, especially social media sites. In an information led society, organizations without deep skills in data comprehension will ultimately be replaced by those that do. As a result, there is demand for professionals with the skill to derive meaningful insights from an organisation’s vast data sources for better business decisions. A first step to achieving this is internal capacity building.

This course provides an overview of the key principles and ideas on Data Analytics for Better Business Decisions through the use of efficient, easy to use ICT tools. The goal is to empower learners with an understanding on how to retrieve and analyse data from various internal and external data sources with great ease, to derive meaningful insights.

Key Features
This course will provide the learner with,
a) an understanding of data analysis;
b) a bearing on how to get and prepare data through the use of user-friendly ICT tools and;
c) a guide on how to tell impactful stories lying within data using meaningful and appealing visuals.

This is finalized by a demonstrative session on how to use select data analytics ICT tools such as charts (an online data analysis and visualization tool) and Qlik Sense (a commercial software for data visualization).

Those who will benefit most from the program include:
• Business Managers
• Business Intelligence Analysts
• Information Technology Practitioners
• Researchers
• Data Journalists

Program Format
The program combines both theory and practice. It is highly practical course and is therefore run in a computer laboratory with a workstation (with required software tools installed) provided to each participant. The practical sessions include case based group and individual assignments that involve data retrieval from multiple sources, data analysis and design of visualisations.

Quick Info

Upcoming Training

March 30- March 31st

Program Pre-requisites
• Familiarity with spreadsheets.
• Basic computer operation skills.

Program Duration
This is a 2 Days course from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm.

Value add to Participants
• Hands-on experience through practical sessions.
• A certificate of participation is awarded to each participant on successful completion of the course.

Program cost
KShs. 45, 000 per participant. This covers the training fee, certificate, meals & refreshments for the 2 days of training. (Please note that this fee is subject to review)

The trainings are held at @iLabAfrica Research Centre, Strathmore University.

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