SAS Data Science Academy Workshop

SAS Programming Essentials

Target audience :  Data analytics team looking Credible Data science Certifications and working in Banks, Insurances, Micro finance insititutions, SACCOs, NGO, County government, Government, KQ, Mobile telecom companies – all companies that have data and would like to digest their data to get meaning out of it.

Prerequisite; Before attending the workshop, some programming experience would be helpful (but not A MUST). Specifically, one should be able to:
• Understand file structures and system commands on Windows (or their operating system)
• Write system commands to create and access system files
• Understand programming logic

Venue: @iLabAfrica, Strathmore University.
Date: 8th – 12th July 2019
Amount: Kshs 44,990

Contact Person details: Natasha Mobile:  +254 (0) 703 0342476 Ext: 2476


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